High Blood Pressure Can Be A Killer!

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About My one-fourth of people in America have high blood pressure, or hypertension. Some say the number is as high as one-third. Since grade school it seems, I have had high blood pressure. I didn’t always know I had it, because I thought the way I was feeling was normal.

I have a family history of hypertension.?? One of the things to look for is if your mother, father and brother all had that disease.?? Mine did. If I had a sister she probably would have had it too. If I hadn’t had it in my youth I probably would have contracted it by now. The older you get the more likely you are to have high blood pressure.

What is high blood pressure exactly? Think of your heart as a pump that distributes blood into your arteries each time it beats. When it is beating, it pushes the blood with more force against the artery wall than it does in between beats, when it is at rest. When it beats, that is systolic pressure. When the heart is at rest between beats, that is diastolic pressure. Blood pressure of 120/80 or a little lower is normal. 140/90 is high blood pressure. 200/100 is bad. See a doctor!

Medical publications and many doctors say there are no symptoms of high blood pressure. As one who has had this problem for years, I know differently. When my pressure gets high, I develop a nagging headache between my eyes. My face gets red and flushed. I have trouble talking. If I let it go without taking an emergency high blood pressure pill, I’m usually in trouble from some other problem, like stroke or a heart attack. I know, because I’ve had both.

Here are a few things the Doctor has told me to do if I want to lower my blood pressure. Sadly, I sort of pick and choose the remedies I want.

?????Exercise: I walk daily, but not enough. Walking just 30 minutes per day can lower your blood pressure. I don’t have enough will power to exercise more than that. My doctors told me to walk 15 minutes one way and then turn around and walk back toward home. That seemed like such good advice that I started walking.

?????Watch my weight: I’m onely about 10 pounds overweight, maybe 15. People with more body weight than they should have are inviting something in their body to break down. Losing weight can lower your blood pressure and make you feel better all over.

?????Smoking:?? Don’t smoke or drink, which raises blood pressure. Neither should you. That sounded pretty self-righteous didn’t it? I’ve never seen a reformed smoker that didn’t sound holier than thou when was advising someone to stop smoking.

?????Too much salt: I’m guilty and so is much of America. We forget that just about everything we eat already has salt in it and yet we add more. The more salt we eat, the higher our blood pressure.

?????Stress: It can be a killer. In our stress filled society, stress related blood pressure problems are everywhere. Take time to relax a little whether you are at home or work.?? Take a break. Make yourself listen to good soft music or take a nap; anything to relieve the pressure of our hectic existence. Do that and you will knock a few points off your blood pressure and feel healthier.??Do what you can to keep your blood pressure under control. Whether it’s by medicine, exercise or just losing weight, high blood??pressure can be a killer.

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